Doc Brown shreds his way into 2014 for Gibson!!

CES seems to be a marketing departments dream, or nightmare, as we saw yesterday with Mr Bay’s walk off at Samsung. But for Gibson, they seem to have gone ‘Back to the Future’ for their event, where they showed off all their models since 1894. They had the DeLorean and they even got the legend that is¬†Christopher Lloyd aka DOC BROWN to get out of it. “Great Scot!”.


He also spent some time shredding it out on a guitar – which we don’t know if he could actually play. Either way it looked brilliant and Chris Lloyd seems to weirdly have not aged, which is rather fitting for his character! Then the weirder got weirder, when a gent from the crowd gave his Google glasses to the Doc. All in all a great and quirky PR stunt that will have made thousands of geeks at CES smile from ear to ear. Good work Gibson! P.S. I love your guitars.

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