There’s a rumble in the Jungle with this weeks Friday feature artist.

For our second FFA, we are going to the Jungle. These two mysterious gents from London have been slowly dropping awesomely cool tunes and videos since earlier this year. Their first tune and video to appear on the web was ‘Platoon’. It has such a smooth groove, dark vibe with a little Manc (Manchester) swagger in the background. You can’t help but want to smash out a cool, Reservoir Dogs style walk / strut to this song. It will make you feel very cool, very quickly. I love Paul Lester’s (TheGuardian) words, “It’s Studio 54 by way of Can’s Inner Space Studio, New York electrofunk via Manchester and Cologne. The handclaps are disco and the bass-as-guitar is pure Peter Hook, but the timbre evokes a place somewhere to the left of Byrne/Eno’s Bush of Ghosts. The tempo – loping, insistent – hints at hedonism (it’s close to baggy bliss-out), only with an awareness that all pleasure is provisional.” Their video, ‘Platoon’ below features an incredible SIX year old break dancer – watch this space – just doing her thang, so effortless and simple but brilliant.

Their second single ‘The Heat’ was released in October and has just the same vibe as ‘Platoon’ all be it a little more funkier… What I love about these two, is that they have that Daft Punk mysteriousness around them. Hardly doing interviews, but releasing very cool videos and singles every now and then. They have already done a small tour around Britain. But I hope they do another one soon and are due to release their debut album in 2014. They have also been longlisted for the BBC Sound of 2014 which is usually a very good springboard for new artists. Read our blog post here. Otherwise their other incredibly cool video for ‘The Heat’ is below:

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