The top 10 biggest tours this year!

As 2013 comes to a close, the internet if rife with big countdowns of things that have gone on in the year! So we are following suit, with a top 10 of the this years biggest tours and highest earners in the world of music! I can guarantee you will be surprised by a few of them, please don’t come banging on my door if you are devastated your favourite band or act aren’t in there. I didn’t decide this!

10) Kenny Chesney – £55 million from touring, the country singer sung to 1,186,925 people in the US in 2013.

9) Depeche Mode - 51 out of their 54 ‘The Delta Machine’ shows sold out, meaning the tour made a total gross of £61 million.

8) Beyoncé - The ‘Mrs Carter’ tour grossed £63 million and was seen by 883,062 people.

7) Taylor Swift – ‘RED’ tour grossed £70 million. Her 66 gigs were all sell-outs with the pop star playing to 1,363,510 fans.

6) Rolling Stones’ - Their 50th Anniversary gigs sold out, with 326,998 attendees, grossing £77 million!!

5) Rihanna – Riri’s ‘Diamonds’ tour was played to 1,595,161 fans, making a total gross of £84 million.

4) Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Grossed £90 million playing to 1,389,778 fans on their ‘Wrecking Ball’ tour.

3) P!nk – 1,581,939 fans went to see ‘The Truth About Love’ tour, with only three of her 114 shows not selling out. It grossed £90 million.

2) Cirque Du Soleil - Their ‘Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour’ never sold out, but 1,425,442 people went to see it overall, grossing £96 million!

1) Bon Jovi – ‘Because We Can’ tour was the most successful of the year. Playing 90 sellout shows to 2,178,170 fans and grossing a mahussive £125 million quid. Looks like he definitely isn’t giving rock a bad name…

So there you have it. The top 10 big hitters on this years tour circuit – I know – we were surprised that 1D didn’t make it on there too, although they came 12th if you really wanted to know…! Thanks to for the info.

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