TeenHoot was a HOOT! Their first UK show was amazing!

Wow what a weekend we had in London! It was the first TeenHoot gig outside of the US and they came to the right place – London town!




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We had headed down earlier on the Thursday, as we had other work to do, but on the Friday we had the meet and greet with all the acts at their hotel in Chelsea. We were a little nervous, although they were all between the ages of 16 – 23. They¬†have a combined view count on YouTube of 273 million that’s more than the entire population of Russia!

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TeenHoot was started by Grammy nominated producer David Malloy of Nashville, after working with the likes of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers, he fancied moving down to the younger generations of music, and started trawling through YouTube to find and help amateur teen singers, who literally just turn on a video camera and play. These guys then get swamped with thousands, sometimes millions of views and create a huge fan base. So David, with his music business mind, then created TeenHoot. Since then it has grown and grown and is now all over the USA and now for the first time in London!

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After doing their meet and great at the venue, Under The Bridge. They came on at half seven and the screaming began! Wow, it was so loud, ear plugs were advised. Now I know how The Beatles felt. Their fans were literally queueing round the block, it was crazy, some even came from as far as Italy and Russia! The first act came on about half seven and then the LIVE stream went live on YouTube, where viewers from round the world could tune in. The atmosphere was electric, every act that came on received a huge scream from the capacity crowd! All in all, I’d say the first TeenHoot UK was a massive success and we can’t wait for them to come back! Huge congratulations to the whole TeenHoot team, they did a fantastic job!

The full line up included:

Christian Beadles- Co-Host
Caitlin Beadles- Co-Host
Jc Caylen- Interview Host
Sam Pottorff- UK Vlog Host

Angelina Krivenkoff
Daniel J
Sara Skinner
Isak Danielson
Ebony Day
Laura Zocca
Dylan Holland
Elyar Fox
Brandon Hassan & We Are a Moody
Patty Walters
Dominik Klein
Josh Metzler
Brad Kavanagh

Watch the video highlights here:

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