Native Instruments – Traktor DJ for iPhone

Just released yesterday, here’s a quick look at the brand new Traktor DJ for iPhone by Native Instruments.

Quite simply – it’s brilliant. Brilliant price at just £2.99, brilliant interface (waveforms instead of the Virtual Decks favoured by Algoriddim,) Brilliant EQ and brilliant effects – so yeah, brilliant all rounder.

This release is following on from the iPad version and to quite honest the iPhone counterpart is almost identical to it’s older brother apart from the fact it’s obviously slightly more fiddly to use (especially if you’re a scratch DJ!) My favourite features include the ultra sensitive and smoot touch pad filter and the rotary BPM fader which comes out of a handy slide out toggle so it can be accessed quite neatly. The detailed beat recognition is, as per usual with NI, second to none and you can even have a better look for yourself and readjust accordingly if you don’t trust the judgement of the automatic system.

The major merit to the app is the fact that you more or less access every major function in the one screen – i.e. crossfader, deck A and B, both waveforms, BPM and Sync so having a full blown mix-up whilst on the commute is quite a good way to fix an hour long train journey.

The one thing I will say is that it’s brilliant for a bit of fun and even practice for when using the actual software or (dare I say it) real mixers and effects, I can however, envisage a rather sorry scene of a 18 year old DJ hopeful fiddling away in the corner of a nightclub trying to achieve a double drop by whilst receiving text messages and phone calls, I’ve only just got over the MacBook invasion…

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