Genelec Unveil Eco-Speakers


In a world striving to cut down on emissions, it’s great to see the genius loudspeaker manufacturers at Genelec taking some bold steps with their latest range of eco-friendly monitors going by the name of ‘M Series.’

The initial designs are made with a composite blend of Finnish sustainable wood and recyclable plastic – apparently a super eco friendly and easy-to-mould substance which gives them the same look we have all grown to love!

They are available in two different sizes – the M030 (with a 5″ driver) and the M040 (6.5″ driver). Both speakers use newly designed components with a similar Eco-concious spec – Class D amplifiers which run at a comparatively low temperature, Signal Sensing – an intelligent power management system which effectively puts the speakers to sleep when they are not being continuously used – clever!

Genelec have claimed to achieved ‘going green’ without compromising on their world famous sound quality – the M series feature the same tilt EQ technology as their previous designs, as well as an all new directional bass port which will reduce those pesky vibrations in the studio – something which appears to be somewhat of a first for monitor manufacturers – I resorted to monitor guards a long while back. They are hitting the market in June at around €500 (So, what about £420?) – seems like an all round eco-bargain!

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