Album Review – ‘Promise – Awakening’

Promise – ‘Awakening’ Album Review.



Many people are saying Hip-Hop has lost its way. Over the last few years Hip-Hop has seen a never ending list of tracks about money, girls, guns and living it up… It’s getting dull. 

On almost every album, rappers talk about keeping it real, yet I can’t help feeling most of them are more fairy tale than Disney! I mean you get rappers who have just been signed, talking about flying around the world in private jets (doesn’t happen!), or being in the club almost every night of the week. I’m sure if this was true most of the Hip-Hop stars out there would be alcoholics by now. I’ve personally worked in the television and music industry, and I can tell you first hand, most of the worlds biggest artists are very quiet in real life.

One listen of  Promise’s latest album – ‘Awakening’ makes you realise what you’ve been missing.

Let me just put it out there, this album is incredible, and I don’t mean that lightly. Every song is really well written and each song contains a message and/or subject that makes you think, and think deep. It’s easy to see why artists such as Drake and Montell Jordan are singing Promises praises.

The album reflects real life situations that we all go through (and most of us think about), such as relationships, the meaning of real success, life choices, money, religion, morals and even touches on things as deep as mental health.

Promise is an incredible writer and truly paints a picture with each track. You can genuinely switch off from life and get lost in this album. Whilst listening to each track, I could clearly see the story in the song being played out in front of me. You can watch it unfold in your mind like a good film. This is an album you feel like you need to listen to all the way through, like a good book or film you can’t put down or turn off. Listen to ‘Somebody Else’ and you will instantly be able to think of a few people who fit the bill ;-)

It’s both a fun feel good album and a serious album at the same time. Some tracks will make you want to party, whilst other tracks will make you think about your own choices or situations you may have gone through or going through right now. There is a truly positive vibe and moral throughout this whole album and reminds me of when I first discovered Hip-Hop and listened to artists like Common or The Roots. Promise talks about things that other people wouldn’t dare mention on an album.

My Stand out tracks:

Somebody Else – Everyone Knows -Skin Deep-  Back When – Against the odds – Down – Heartstrings

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