Monitor Guards the perfect way to decouple your monitor speakers

Monitor Guards - Studio Series Range of Isolation Pads
Monitor Guards the perfect way to decouple your monitor speakers
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It’s a product which has been asked for time and time again, and we didn’t want to launch our own pair until we got them 100% right.

Well the time has come and Editors Keys have just launched the new Studio Series range of Monitor Guards. “The perfect way to isolate your monitor speakers.”

The monitor pads work by decoupling your speakers from the hard surfaces they rest on.

Monitor guards by Editors Keys are created from dense isolation foam that isolates your studio monitor speakers. This allows a true sound to be projected without your desk or stands resonating creating a false sound.

Inta Audio carried out a range of tests on the monitor guards with their most popular range of studio monitors from KRK. The RP5, RP6 and RP8 and said “they’re the perfect match!.”

The ‘Studio Series Monitor Guards’ help by providing sonic isolation between your monitor speakers and the desk/brackets they’re resting on. This instantly improves the ‘true sound’ of your audio mix.

Monitor Guards are an affordable and professional tool used by audio and video editors worldwide. Make sure you get the best from your audio today.

You can learn more or buy yours by clicking the link below:

Monitor Guards – Monitor Pads for Sonic isolation.