USB Microphone – The Singers Ultimate Tool

USB Microphone
USB Microphone – The Singers Ultimate Tool
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USB Microphones – The Ultimate Singers Tool.    

It used to be the case that to get a decent recording, meant spending hours in the recording studio, at a very expensive hourly rate.

That soon changed with the advent of lower cost computers and audio interfaces enabling any one with audio production knowledge the ability to record studio quality demos at home.

Well now the time has changed again, you can now get a studio level USB Microphone for under £100 and record directly into your favorite music recording software with just the microphone and a USB cable.

The main advantage of a USB Microphone is that they’re so simple to use and can be easily taken with you on the road. When Editors Keys developed the range of SL Studio Series microphones the main focus was on high quality recording, but the general feedback was that it had opened up the possibilities for recording in new situations with minimal set up.

For example if you take your iPad or laptop on the road with you, and have an idea for a song, whilst sitting in a hotel room, you can do it with your USB microphone. (you don’t need to carry around a mixer, XLR cables and an audio interface.) If a client needs a demo voice over, you can do it on the spot, or turn it around within the hour.

With sites like and, new jobs have opened up in the audio world. If you’re a singer grab yourself a USB microphone and open up the new possibilities that await you!

We’d love to hear your experiences with recording on the road for a new feature coming up soon, so please leave your comments below!


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