Korg Kaossilator 4-Bar Loop Hack

Korg Kaossilator 4-Bar Loop Hack
Korg Kaossilator 4-Bar Loop Hack
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Having been a fan of Korg for quite some time, it should not have been nearly as surprising as it was to discover just how much fun had been packed in the their pocket-sized “Dynamic Phrase Synthesize”. As this is an old enough product that a review is not necessary, but it was not until just recently that I learned of the ability to extend the Kaossilator’s loop length without incurring any permanent changes. That being said, there are a couple potentially adverse short-term effects such are the lack of an undo feature while overdubbing and the fact that the Play button becomes a Mute button. The latter of these two unfortunately means that the loops do not start from the beginning every time you hit Play, but rather pick up as they would have been playing all along.

Ultimately there’s no reason not to at least give this hack a shot, especially for those who plan on using the Korg Kaossilator in live performances. The 4 bars allow for more creative expression, create a less repetitive feel, and give a new depth to an already incredible little device. Besides, If you don’t like the results its a simple matter og toggling the power switch and you’re back to normal. Doubling the memory really does produce the ability for some significantly more interesting loops… just imagine what you computer would be able to do with double the memory!

According to Synthtopia, this hack was originally reported by David Battino, and can be found at the O’Reilly Digital Media blog

Here’s the bootup technique in more detail:

1. While holding the Tap and Loop Rec buttons, slide the power switch from Standby to On. The display willl show DLY (delay) to confirm you’re in bufferless mode.

2. Release the buttons.

3. Hold down Loop Rec and Tap again; this puts the Kaossilator into loop-length adjustment mode.

4. Turn the data knob one click to the right. The display will change from L 8 to L16. You’re now in 4-bar (16 beat) loop mode.

5. Double-click the Scale button to return to sound-select mode, or just wait 12 seconds.




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